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Cloud Computing

Hosted Records delivers comprehensive and managed cloud services in support of federal..

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Data Analytics

Hosted Records aggregates data sources into coherent dashboards enabling organizations to view.

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IT Security

Hosted Records provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s overall security infrastructure

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Software Development

Hosted Records’s software development approach includes all aspects

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Records Management

Hosted Records combines expert records management knowledge.

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Recent News


04, December 2018

Hosted Records awarded NOAA Protech Fisheries subcontract by Think Tank Inc. ProTech is a suite of c

04, December 2018

Hosted Records awarded Navy Seaport-NxG IDIQ award. The government estimates approximately [$5 billi

02, October 2018

Hosted Records awarded Army ITES-3S subcontract by Credence Management Solutions LLC. The Informati

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